spanish lesson
Martes 9/7 de 2019   18.00
Espadan 31
Valencia (Poblats Marítims)

You know that awkward first moment you meet a Spanish-speaker but don’t know what to say? This afternoon will sort you out. Learn your ‘hola’ from your ‘encantado’ and get to grips with some of those important questions and answers when you’re gettin’ to know new peeps as you drink your beer all at the good-looking Espadan 31.

What we will do:

1- Meet at Espadan 31

2- Spanish lesson with idiomatic expressions, basis conversation phrases, exercises, games and practice.

3- During or after the lesson you can grab a Estrella Levante spanish caña beer, included.

15euros: Spanish lesson + one Estrella Levante caña beer.

Follow the link for more Info & Bookings:

Espadan 31 Poblats Marítims

Calle Espadan 31