Jueves 4/7 de 2019   18.00
Espadan 31
Valencia (Poblats Marítims)

Almost everyone agrees that flamenco dance its beautiful art, to look at, but if you only passively observe you are missing have the fun!

Leisure With Dignity – Otium Cum Dignitate: make your vacation a learning experience, don’t just seat and watch is the past, the present is: get up and dance.

This summer @espadan31 offers you every thursday afternoon an informal introduction to Flamenco dance in a relaxed ambiance, with a sip of Sangria in between the clapping.

This is what we will do:

1-Meet at Espadan 31
2- Brief Introduction to Flamenco music, genres, dances
3-Clapping Technique
4- Basic Steps for Sevillanas
5-Solo and pair practice
6-Sangria Break
7-Basic Steps of Rumba
8-Footwork Technique

15euros: 1:30 Flamenco dance lesson + one glass of home-made Sangría

Bring: arms, legs and thirst!
We will conduct our lesson at Espadan 31, a well-known bar-restaurant-cultural center in the hip Cabanyal neighbourhood, and just few steps from the beach.

Follow the link for details and bookings https://www.airbnb.es/experiences/951900

Espadan 31 Poblats Marítims

Calle Espadan 31