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Domingo 21/5 de 2017   18.30
Valencia (Zona Aragón)
Entrada libre

Let’s speak English!

In our meetings you’ll have the chance of speaking English having fun (chatting, playing games, language workshops, quizzes…). All our activities are well organized and guided by Pick a Monkey! ( so you’ll always have the chance of speaking with somebody while you have a drink. Enjoy meeting people with same interests as you, in a really marvelous place: www.bsamel.comGet ready for new summer acquantances. Practice an international language for your travel holidays abroad, as well as for your future. There are native speakers coming too, so that’s a great opportunity for cultural exchange.

NATIVE SPEAKERS have 1 drink + 1 tapa for free.

There is also a SPECIAL DINNER for participants only (optional) after the games in this beautiful place for just 15€

(Activity organized by Pick a Monkey! )

Bsamel Zona Aragón

Passeig de l'Albereda, 9, 46010 València, Valencia
46010 Valencia