Jueves 1/7 de 2021   20.00
Valencia (Ciutat Vella)
Entrada libre

Databeers València (@databeersvlc) és una iniciativa per a comunicar i difondre els beneficis i avanços en el camp de la ciència de dades d’una manera relaxada i divertida, i amb una cervesa a la mà.

Aquesta edició internacional d’estiu s’emmarca dins de les activitats de la Summer School on Data Science de la Universitat de València.

Nota: les intervencions d’aquesta edició es realitzen en anglès


—Raul V. Casaña (Data Scientist / Santa Barbara Smart Health).
The Data Room project, making data insights accessible.
The Data Room project by Fresenius Medical Care combines a query builder with an analytical toolbox to ease access to huge databases on dialysis and other chronic kidney desease treatments and allows performing research studies in the nephrology field.

—Carmen Botella (Telecommunications Engineer / Universitat de València).
Wireless cognition in beyond 5G networks.
The concept of wireless cognition refers to a communication link that allows performing massive computations remotely from the device that is actually working in real time. We will review the use case of reconstructing the radio environment map, which is a powerful tool for enabling applications such as autonomous vehicles.

—David García (Moths & Geodesy / Universitat d’Alacant)
Key data in climate change
The evidence of the ongoing climate change is based in a huge amount of data, from thousands of temperature and salinity profiles in the ocean to time-variable gravity measured from satellites. We will review the most important datasets, which are generally ignored by the general public.

—Maria Miravet (Economist / Pulpo)
Fraud Detection using Machine Learning
Online transactions have shot up manifolds and so have cases of online fraud. Companies are suffering huge financial losses as a result. Most of them are investing in the development of machine learning models to detect fraudulent transactions in order to avoid customer disappointment and fraud.

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